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percy-jacksanomaniaque: Can I ask you my other choice this time? haha :) Jason or Percy?

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make me choose between two things and i will make a post with my answer

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percy-jacksanomaniaque: I wanted to ask ''Percy or Jason?'' but I prefer to ask: Leo or Nico? :)

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make me choose between two things and i will make a gifset of the winner, will be answering on my fandom blog

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Make me choose between two characters/actors/movies etc. and I’ll post a gif set of the thing/person I chose.
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but i never actually heard what the divergent cast and crew said to bash the hunger games fandom like what did they actually say

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honestly i can understand being upset that your favorite character isn’t winning but when you say tris isn’t a hero you’re wrong

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Logan Lerman in new photoshoot.

The photos haven’t been officially released so it’s not the best quality, sorry!

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logan lerman in his new photoshoot literally has rendered me unable to breathe does he want me to die

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Emma Roberts talking about memorable scenes in American Horror Story: Coven. (x)

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I try to run, but my feet are firmly planted and refuse to move, like the crow on my shoulder. I scream as they surround me, feathers flapping in my ears, beaks pecking at my shoulders, talons clinging to my clothes. I scream until tears come from my eyes, my arms flailing. My hands hit solid bodies but do nothing; there are too many. I am alone.

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